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Philadelphia Education Law Attorney Stands Up for Teachers

Experienced lawyer intent on protecting your reputation and career

Teaching used to be regarded as a noble profession and accorded the respect it deserves. But a confluence of social pressures has undermined and too often scapegoated teachers, resulting in arbitrary and capricious decisions by school administrators, superintendents and school boards that impact teachers harshly and unlawfully. In Pennsylvania, The Law Offices of William C. Reil works with teachers to address legal issues related to education law. My law firm handles a wide range of matters for educators from Kindergarten to college and university, including:

  • Academic freedom
  • Breach of contract
  • Curriculum issues
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Employment discrimination
  • First Amendment speech issues
  • First Amendment religious exercise issues
  • Classroom materials
  • Confidentiality violations
  • Labor disputes
  • Licensure
  • Privacy
  • Tenure and seniority
  • Violence by students

I understand the importance of managing these issues effectively, so you can continue to enjoy the career to which you’ve dedicated so much time and energy.

Creatively resolving education law conflicts

Because a teacher’s relationship to students, the parent community, administrators, the superintendent and the school board is so important, my general approach is to preserve the relationship on good terms by seeking an agreeable resolution to any conflict through negotiation. This is true also on the college and university level, where departmental, campus-wide and system-wide relationships matter to a teaching career. However, when parties are not cooperative, I do not hesitate to propose adversarial legal remedies. My primary goal is protecting my clients’ rights and ensuring they are able to continue securely in their careers.

Work with a Pennsylvania education lawyer who understands a teacher’s concerns

The Law Offices of William C. Reil is dedicated to resolving education law disputes in Pennsylvania. I represent teachers at all levels of education on issues vital to their careers. For assistance with your education law issue, contact my Philadelphia law office online or at 215-315-7765.


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